Flow.ai docs

Welcome to the Flow.ai Documentation

This documentation is still preliminary and is subject to change any given moment.

Our API can be used to build many different kinds of integrations and clients.

Whether you're hooking up a custom app, or you just want to build a custom integration, we can help you get started!

Getting started

Signup for the beta

You'll need to apply for our private beta to get started

Dashboard overview

A quick overview of the dashboard


Web client

Get started straight away, Embed a chat client on a website


Browser & Node.js

The JavaScript SDK can be used with Node.js and the browser. Use this to create a hybrid website driven by AI.


FlowCore. The SDK you can use with iOS and macOS. Written in Swift and available through CocoaPods.

Bot Framework

Integrate Flow.ai with the Microsoft Bot Framework Want to be the first to try it out? We haven't open sourced this library yet. Please contact us to ask for access.

Web Socket

Lowest level API. Sending and receiving real time messages using REST and web sockets



Cloud code

Execute custom code snippets and send custom templates


Something happens? We'll send a HTTP POST to your webhook

Other AI Platforms



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