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How to schedule and broadcast chatbot messages

In this article the Audience and Scheduler feature will be explained. This functionality is helpful for:

The video will show you an example of the user interface when combining the broadcast feature of with Messenger. The article below will cover a use case where you can use multiple tags to deliver personalized content.

1. Design your bot & Add tags

To create segments from your audience you can add “Tags” to your design. You can drag & drop the “Tags” reply into your canvas. The example below shows you how to combine quick replies, events and tags to create segments. Allowing you to tailor campagins to the user’s specific needs, without any coding.

add tags to your design
add more tags to your design

It might be the case that your user wants to add multiple tags. To add multiple tags you can loop back if the user wants to receive updates from multiple categories. More information regarding looping flows can be found at our article: How to loop flows.

2. Create an audience or segment

The Audience section allows you to create segments and grow your audience. Add a condition to create a segment that contains the people that want to receive “sale” updates.

create segments

3. Schedule and broadcast messages

When your design and segment has been created, you can use the scheduler to broadcast messages to your users. Instruct the bot to:

When setting a apecific date & time, the bot will trigger the event at the scheduled time. To test the events from your device you could add a text trigger e.g. “testsale”. That text trigger should then trigger the corresponding event name.

create more segments
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