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How to jump to the middle of a flow

When designing your bot you might encounter a case where you want your current flow to continue in the middle of a flow that already exists.

You can jump in half-way into an existing flow by using event. We will show you how to that with the example below.

Set an event

Jump to the middle of a Flow

Jumping to the middle of a flow can be done by using event. You can drag and drop an event reply and an event trigger into the flow where you would like to enter half way.

In our example the following steps will be executed:

  1. A text trigger is followed by a text reply
  2. The text reply will trigger an event “Jump”
  3. The triggered event will activate the final text reply

Trigger the event

Jump half-way in the flow

We can now create a new flow and use our new event to jump to the middle of previous flow.

Happy jumping!

Happy Jumping
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