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analytics interactions

The number of unique customer interaction “threads” per day. For channels like messenger these are equal to the number of unique users interacting with you app per day. When you have anonymous web chat this number can deviate.

Interactions group messages together. They are channel and user agnostic.


analytics messages

The number of chat messages sent and received by the system. When someone sends 5 messages this would result in 1 interaction and 5 messages for that day.

Sent messages

analytics sent messages

A breakdown of the orgin of messages being sent back to users.

  • System: Bot, webhooks, or other integrations
  • User: Messages sent using the Chat app
  • Moderator: Any other outside source replying to customers


analytics sessions

The number of “chats sessions” taking place. The give insight in the number of conversations taking place with one customer interacting.

For example; when a user on Messenger sents 5 messages with 2 hours in between the first 2 and the last 3 messages , this would result in 1 interaction, 5 messages and 2 sessions being reported. The engament rate would be the average of messages sent (2,5).


analytics users

Shows the number of users interacting with the bot, broken down in total, new and active users. In the web client individual users can’t be tracked as it is an anonymous channel.


analytics sentiment

Automatically measured sentiment of user sent messages. Ranges from -100 (very negative) to +100 (very positive). Everything between -30 and +30 is pretty neutral.