Using context

Context is everything when you want to design a great conversational experience. We made it easy to create a great experience without having to worry about context.

The AI engine keeps track of the state of the conversation, allowing for topic switching in conversations.

How context works

Below is an example of a conversation combining two flows.

context switch branch


A customer starts a conversation with I want to order pizza (order flow)

The app replies Delivery or Carry out?

The customer doesn’t answer that question but instead asks What's on the menu? (menu flow)

The app then replies with a menu

The customer can continue with I want my pizza delivered (order flow)

And even switch to no wait, I meant Carry out (order flow) if making a mistake

The example illustrates how context works with the AI engine.

Note: Context applies to every trigger

When a user shares an image, shares a location or triggers and event, this also works with context

Dos and Don’ts


Don’t combine multiple topics in one flow. For example, greetings and goodbyes are separate topics, try not to combine with flows like the above order pizza example. This allows the engine to switch between greetings, pizza ordering and goodbyes without problem.

context dont


Try to make your flows as focussed as possible and keep your app flexible. Create separate flows for each topic. This helps the AI engine keep track of the position of the conversation.

context do