Hello world example

Create a flow

Create a new flow by clicking on the (+) icon in the left pane next to Flows.

Add a text trigger

A flow always starts with a user action. Select Text from user action in the menu and drag and drop it into the green area. Now enter the expected user input and save your flow. For this example simply enter hello

Train the intent

Click on Train in the user action block and start training your intent. Give at least 5 diverse examples to train on. The more examples you enter the better your bot will perform. Try to come up with as many variations of greetings as you can think of!

Reply with text

Drag and drop a reply action by clicking Reply. You can now type the desired reply in the Send reply box, for example 'Hi!'. In the right hand pane you can type additional response options. The bot will pick one reply at random from the Text responses box.

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