Design - Context

Context is everything when you want to design a great conversational experience. made it very easy to create a great experience without having to worry about context.

The NLP engine keeps track of the state of the conversation, even if the user chooses to make a sidestep.

How it works

Below is an example of a conversation combining two flows.


  • The user starts a conversation with "I want to order pizza."
  • The bot asks "Delivery or Carryout?"
  • The user doesn't answer that question but instead asks "What's on the menu?"
  • After the user is shown the menu, the user can switch back to ordering a pizza.
  • The user can then answer with "I want my pizza delivered".
  • And even switch to "Carryout" if he changes his mind.

The example shows how context works in the engine. Try to make your conversation topics (flows) as focussed as possible. Take note of the following points


To keep your bot flexible, try not to put a conversational topic after another one. Greetings and Goodbyes are also conversation topics, so don't combine them for example with ordering a pizza.


Greetings and goodbyes are separate conversation topics. Create separate flows for each topic. This helps the contextual engine keep track of the position of the conversation.

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