Language fully supports the following languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

Default language automatically detects the language of input text. When you create multiple brains for different languages, we will route the conversation to the correct brain. Your bot will switch to the default language when it receives text in a language that it can't understand.

Confidence threshold

The NLP engine assigns a confidence score between 0% to 100% to each intent classification. Use this confidence threshold to set the level of confidence your bot should exceed to respond to messages. Below this threshold your bot won't respond to incoming messages. It will mark every utterance with a lower confidence as unknown. Whenever this happens, you can trigger an action (for example escalation to a customer service repsentative) by creating a new flow and selecting the user action unknown as a starting point for that flow.

Minutes to auto pause

When a human takes over a conversation from a bot, the bot is paused automatically. You can set the number of minutes before the bot is activated again.

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