The chat app give great insights in how conversations are flowing. You can also use the chat app as live chat on your website, app, or on Facebook Messenger.

The menu consists of 4 items: All messages, Take over required, Archived, and My Messages.

All Messages

In all messages, you can see all the active conversations. All users will be able to see the messages until you assign a conversation to yourself. You can assign a conversation to yourself in the detail pane.

Take over required

If you defined a cloud code action with the takeover functionality. You can trigger this function when your chatbot is not able to answer a question or when a certain flow is triggered.


You can archive a conversation in the details pane. All archived messages can be shown here. When a new conversation is started again with the customer, this conversation will automatically go to all messages.

My Messages

You can assign a message to yourself. The other team members won't be able to see this conversation. When you un-assign this conversation, then this conversation will be moved to all messages.


This is a list of all conversations. You will see the name of the user, when available, the last message sent, and the time of the last message.

Active conversation

In the active conversations, you can monitor how your conversation flowing. Click on a message to get details about that message, for example, time, location, intent etc. When you take over the conversation from your bot. The bot will be paused for a couple of minutes. You can adjust this in brains. If you type "@bot", you can trigger a bot intent, for example, "@bot what is your phone number".


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