The design app makes it ease to create conversation flows without technical knowledge. This app is great for designers, copywriters, and marketeers.

Philosophy focusses on providing an intuitive user interface to design conversational experiences powered by robust NLP. You can use the design app to create AI assistents or Customer service solutions.


You can create these experiences by adding different Flows.

A single Flow can be seen as a conversation topic. A topic could, for example, be ordering a pizza or greeting a customer. Every flow is triggered by a user action or other type of event like sharing a location or image.

The above example show a simple flow with the text trigger called Hello that responds with Hello back.


Every flow can consist out of a number of steps. These steps allow you to respond or act on follow up triggers within the context of the entire flow.

In the example above the user asks a question and then asks a follow-up question within context of the first question.

The follow-up question And which one is the closest works great in context of a conversation topic.

With reusable intents you can use the same intent in context of another flow.


This example show how a conversation can be branched into separate flow paths. Left example shows that a user whats to order a pizza and the bot asks if this is a Delivery or Carryout. Depending on what the user answers, a branch can be triggered.

Creating branches works the same as creating a flow. Simply drag and drop.

TIP: Use entities for variables and intents for branching. This prevents flows with a wild growth of branches.

Single topic

You might notice the designing of Flows look like a linear proces but this is not the case. Flows represent a single topic.

With each new trigger, like a user sending text, the AI will decide based on context (probabilistic model) and session info what step inside a specific Flow to trigger.

Therefore it is best to keep flows to a single topic



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