Entities - Custom

Custom entities work in a similair way as the system query type.There is one important difference. Custom entities provide a way to give boundaries to what the AI will match.

Let's say we take the above example of a departure and destination city. Perhaps you only want a select number of cities a person can travel to. You can limit these options by creating a custom entity called city. Within this entity you provide only matched entites that are valid to travel to.

When the AI detects an entity it will determine a match based on the type. The AI could find an entity that is not valid in relation to the type of entity, For example, I want to travel to Washington could be matched in the above example, but since Washington is not in our list, it's immediatly dropped

No need to add typos as synonyms, matching also works with spelling errors

Exact matching

By default custom entities will do an exact match. When you turn of exact matching, custom entities will work the same way as a system query entity works.

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