Replies - Text

Send a text reply. Add multiple variants to differentiate the response that is send.


Within text replies you can use variables that are matched by the AI

If you trained the AI to match entities they can be used with a template syntax. For example if you trained the AI with a entity called *country*, you will be able use it like so:

I am going to check the weather for {{country}}

This would result in: I am going to check the weather for France

E ntity matches could be fuzzy and by default templates print the *value* of a matched parameter. You can also access the match by using **

Response variants

You can easily add variants to your reply. Select the reply block and add variants in the right pane.

Delay messages

It is possible to delay your messages.

Quick replies

You can add additional quick replies to each text reply. This makes it easy for the users to select the available options. Quick replies work with the web, app, and Facebook Messanger.

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