Trigger - Text

This trigger is used when you want to reply to a text of voice message. Drag and drop the text trigger from the trigger library. Determine based on what a user says or types what his or her intention is. Next to determining the user intent, the system can extract data from a sentence in the form of entities. Text triggers work with advanced contextual language classification (NLP) and contextual matching algorithms.

Exact match

If you train your intent with less then 5 examples, the text trigger will only respond to exact matches of the entered data.

Natural Language Processing

To get better results from the NLP, we recommend that you train your intent with at least 10 examples.

Quick replies

Text triggers can have quick replies. To create quick replies, you select the text trigger on your flow canvas. In the right pane, you see the options to add quick replies.

There are two types of quick replies, send a text or share location. Every quick reply has a label and a value. The label can, for example, say "YES" and the value sent can be "Yes, I want to go there".

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