Design - Reusable intents

A great way to speed up the development process is by adding more capabilities to your AI is my reusing the intents. Every intent that you create automatically becomes part of you intent library. You can drag and drop the trained intent in other flows to give different answers depending on the context.


  • You create an intent to understand greetings.
  • After training the intent with examples.
  • You can reuse the intent from your intent library.
  • If a user greets, the AI will reply "Hi! How can I help you?"
  • If the user greets again. The AI knows that he already has greeted, so it can reply with "Hello again".

Generic intents

Some intents are generic and they would work great as a followup to another question. If a users says "the closest" without context, it doesn't mean much. But if the user asks it in the context of parking spaces or stars, then it becomes relevant. The engine makes it possible to create and train these intents in context, and then reuse them in other places.

So, if you have a flow on finding parking spaces, training the followup intent 'the closest' makes sense. You can then easily reuse this intent in a flow on finding restaurants or toilets.

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