Chatbase channel


Chatbase is a cloud service that offers products for analyzing, and optimizing conversational experiences.

Following the steps below, you will integrate the Chatbase bot with the platform.

Pre-Installation Requirements

You must have a working account:

chatbase 1

API Key Generation

Head to section:

chatbase 2

On the Bots page, click on the “+” sign named “Add a bot” to enter your bot information:

chatbase 3

Fill in all the necessary information about your bot (marked *):

  • Botname;
  • Country / Region;
  • Business case;
  • Industry.

Do not forget to press the Checkbox “Report the Paths for Sites” and press the “Continue” button:

chatbase 4

Сopy the generated API Key into the clipboard and press “Continue” button

chatbase 5

You can invite your coworkers by filling below fields and pressing the “INVITE” button, or just press the “SKIP” button:

chatbase 6

Your Chatbase Bot was generated! Configuration:

Select the project to which you would like to connect Front using the top left drop-down menu.

Note: Make sure that your project is “Live”:

chatbase 7

Go to the “Channels” section and press the “+” sign:

chatbase 8

Go to the “Analytics” section inside the opened Popup and choose the “Chatbase” option:

chatbase 9

Paste the copied data to the “API Key” field and press the “Save” button:

chatbase 10

Now your Chatbase Bot successfully integrated with the platform!