Front channel


Front is a platform that brings communication channels and teammates together.

Following the steps below, you will integrate the Front application with the platform.

Pre-Installation Requirements

You must have a working account with admin rights:

front 1 Configuration

Select the project to which you would like to connect Front using the top left drop-down menu.

Note: Make sure that your project is “Live”:

front 2

Go to the “Channels” section and press the “+” sign:

front 3

Go to the “Customer Service“ section inside the opened Popup and choose the “Front” option:

front 4

Click on the “Connect Front” button inside the “General” Tab:

front 5

It will redirect you to . There you need to authorize by pressing the Authorize button:

front 6

After authorization, it will redirect you back to the “Front” configuration page.

There you can fill your bot settings, such as: Bot name;

  • Handoff tag name;
  • Auto Archive Checkbox (allows you to archive the conversation when the bot replies);
  • Apply Tag Checkbox (allows you to add a tag channel tag to the conversation).

After filling all the information above, please copy “Webhook URL” to the clipboard:

front 7

Frontapp Configuration

Go to the Front Webhooks integration integration page. There you have to press the “Enable Integration” button:

front 8

Switch “Overview” status to “Enabled” condition, and press “Save” button:

front 9

Go to the “Rules” section and press “Add a new rule” button:

front 10

“When” Section should include:

  • Inbound message;
  • Conversation archived;
  • Conversation deleted.

“If” should refer to your “” inbox, and inside the “Then” section you should choose “Send to a Webhook” option and paste the link that you have copied from step 3.5:

front 11

Press the “Save” button if all the previous steps were correct.

Plugin Сonfiguration

On the channel section (inside the “Front” configuration) click on the “Plugin” tab, then copy the Plugin endpoint onto the clipboard:

front 12

Go to “Plugin & API” section inside the Front settings and press “Add a Plugin” button:

front 13

Paste the link from the clipboard to the endpoint field and press the “Save” button

front 14

Click on the created plugin, and you will see a generated “Auth Secret” code. Copy it to the clipboard and return to the Channels section.

front 15

front 16

Paste the copied data to the “Plugin auth secret” field and press “Save” button:

front 17

Now your project and Front application are connected!