Reply actions

Using the Design app you can reply with text, audio, widgets or trigger actions and reset context.


This basic form of reply that translates into spoken word or text bubbles, depending on the channel.


Within text replies you can use variables that are matched by the AI.

If you trained the AI to match entities they can be used with a template syntax. For example if you trained the AI with a entity called country, you will be able use it like so:

I am going to check the weather for {{country}}

This would result in a response like:

I am going to check the weather for France

Entity matches could be fuzzy and by default templates print the value of a matched parameter.

You can also access the match by using {{param.match}}


Trigger another Flow using the event action. This allows you to break up long Flows into reusable Flows.


Execute an action, like Cloud Code or calling a webhook.


Send an audio file. This should be an accessible file that is hosted on a secure (https) environment. Supported formats are m4a and mp3.

Alexa support:

Make sure to turn on the Audio capability inside the Alexa dashboard. Read more about the Alexa audio support

UI Widgets

Reply with UI widgets like cards, images and videos.


For each UI widget you can also specify a customised speech response


Reply with a location based on longitude, latitude coordinates


Send a list of max 4 buttons. These buttons can either be used to open URLs, send messages or even trigger events


A card is a rich UI element that allows you to send an image, title, subtitle and buttons to a user.

The Carousel widget is a collection of Card widgets. You are limited to 10 Cards for a Carousel.


Send an image. Depending on the Channel your solution integrates with, an image is cropped. We advice you to maintain a 1.91:1 or 1:1 (square) aspect ratio.


Reply with a video. The video should be downloadable and cannot be a YouTube URL.


Resetting a flow will drop any conversational context and parameters.


Reset all flows, parameters, and context. Basically, clear the memory or your bot.

Unexpected behaviour

Resetting all context at the wrong place will prevent the AI engine to find matches. Make sure to use it wisely

All parameters

Only reset the parameters of your bot. All the collected values will be reset. The context, however, will be remembered as the conversation flow.

Specific parameters

This will reset only specific parameters within your flow. Use this for example when you want to replace parameters with new values.